origami organelles biology bundle 2

Biology Bundle 2

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Teach biology using our downloadable paper models!

Using our unique Origami Organelles sets, your students will see biology in a new way. Perfect for use in class or for distance learning at home!

Buy once, print forever!

This set contains 84 of our biology Origami Organelles in one convenient bundle saving you money off the individual prices.

"Your models offer my students so many more opportunities to interact with the many hard to conceptualize parts of the curriculum in a very affordable way."

Feedback from Katie from Texas.

Contains downloadable instructions and templates and Powerpoint presentations for these 84 Origami Organelles models:

Active Transport


Bark Beetles


Blood Groups

Blood Type Testing

Blood Vessels

Body Defences


Bone Tissue

Brain Structure


Cardiovascular Disease

Cell Organisation

Cell Structure



Controlling Blood Glucose

Controlling Body Temperature

Controlling Water Content

Coronavirus Antibody Test

Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus DNA Test

Coronavirus Life Cycle

Coronavirus RNA Vaccine

Deforestation on Easter Island

Ebola Life Cycle

Ebola Virus

Electrical Control of the Heart


Endocrine System

Enzymes & Digestion

Evolution by Natural Selection

Exchange Surfaces

Fetal Pig Dissection


Frog Dissection

Frog Heart

HIV Life Cycle

HIV Structure

Honey Bee

In Vitro Fertilisation

Joshua Tree Desert Ecosystem


Menstrual Cycle

Mitosis and the Cell Cycle

Monoclonal Antibodies

Mosquitos & Malaria

Nerve Cells & Reflexes

Nervous System

Parts of a Plant


Plant Cell Organisation

Plant Hormones

Plant Life Cycle

Plant Pathogens & Defences

Print and Make Scales



Respiratory System

Seed Dispersal

Seeds & Germination

Sense of Touch

Simple Circulatory System

Simple Diffusion & Osmosis

Simple Enzymes

Simple Immune System

Simple Nitrogen Cycle

Simple Photosynthesis

Simple Protein Synthesis

Simple Stem Cells

Simple Synapses

Simple Vaccinations

Simple Yeast Cell

Skeletal Muscle

Specialised Cells


Synovial Joint

Transport in Plants

Unicellular Organisms

Uses of Monoclonal Antibodies


Virus Life Cycle


Each model takes about 30 minutes to make.

Due to the number of files in this set, 3 email links are sent. The first part is sent automatically and the last two parts within a few hours of purchase.

Download includes: instructions, colour and mono model templates, and Powerpoint presentations are included for all models.

All you need: paper, scissors and tape.

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