• Explore a desert ecosystem with our new model!

    Learn about a desert ecosystem with our new model!
  • Teach evolution with our new game!

    Your students will enjoy learning about evolution and natural selection with our latest game!
  • New space models!

    Check out our cool new Origami Organelles downloadable paper models of objects in the Solar System!
  • Teach fracking with our new model!

    Show how fracking is done and the issues it raises with our downloadable paper model.
  • Teach the Haber process with our new model!

    Show how the Haber process works with our downloadable paper model!
  • Teach homeostasis with our game Thermia!

    Homeostasis is a tricky concept that is made easy to understand with our interactive game Thermia.
  • Model the menstrual cycle

    Check out our new downloadable paper model of the menstrual cycle!
  • Show the nervous system in a new way!

    Show the structure of the nervous system with our new model!
  • Mars model out now!

    Make our model of Mars to see where robotic missions such as Perseverance will land!
  • Ebola virus model out now!

    Our 3D paper model of the Ebola virus shows how this dangerous virus causes disease.
  • Fetal pig dissection paper model!

    Our latest model gives your students a way to dissect a paper model of a fetal pig. Click for more.
  • Our HIV life cycle model is now out!

    Check out our new model of HIV life cycle.