• Trp operon model out now!

    Check out our new downloadable paper model of the trp operon!
  • Organelle rings model out now!

    Our cells are full of organelles and other subcellular structures. Teach them today in a fun way using our organelle rings and bracelets!
  • Tsunami model out now

    Help your class understand tsunami with our latest paper model.
  • Tundra Ecosystem model out now!

    Teach the tundra ecosystem with our paper model.
  • Stem cell research may help slow ageing

    Can stem cells stop us ageing?
  • DART mission succeeded in nudging asteroid!

    DART Mission succeeds!
  • Easter Island statues damaged by forest fire

    Easter Island statues damaged by fire.
  • Bring bacteria to life with our paper bacteria rings!

    Bacteria rings make learning microbiology fun!
  • Check out our new model of the DART mission!

    Teach your class about the DART mission with our new model!
  • NASA probe to smash into asteroid!

    NASA's Dart probe will smash into an asteroid to see if its orbit can be altered!
  • Climate tipping points approaching...

    Scientists say World is nearing climate change tipping points.
  • Walking helps prevent cardiovascular disease!

    A few extra steps add up to a lot of health benefits.