Simple Protein Synthesis

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Teach protein synthesis in a new way with our easy to make model!

Show how genetic information in DNA is used to make proteins in a cell. Your students begin by make their models of DNA, mRNA, amino acids, enzymes and tRNA. They then learn about what happens during protein synthesis.

First, they look at transcription seeing how the genetic information in DNA is transcribed into messenger RNA (mRNA). They follow the mRNA as it travels from the nucleus into the cytoplasm.

Next, they look how ribosomes translate this genetic information into the amino acid code used in proteins. The essential role of carrier molecules (transfer RNAs or tRNAs) is explained.

The model allows the students to synthesise a 3 amino acid long protein.

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Perfect for use in class or for distance learning at home!

Includes full colour Powerpoint class presentation!

Takes just 30 minutes! Dimensions: ribosomes: 8 x 7 x 5cm/3 x 3 x 2in.

Download includes: instructions, colour & mono model templates, and Powerpoint file

All you need: paper, scissors and tape.

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