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Show your students synapses in a new way!

Synapses become easy to understand with our unique membrane modeling system.

After making their models, your students will fuse a synaptic vesicle to the presynaptic membrane and release a neurotransmitter. Once this crosses the synaptic cleft and binds to the receptor, ion channels open and causes changes in the postsynaptic membrane that may lead to an action potential if the threshold is passed.

Covers synapse structure, role of neurotransmitter, summation, inhibitory and excitatory synapses.

Includes full colour Powerpoint class presentation!

Takes just 30 minutes! Dimensions 25cm/10in across.

Download includes: instructions, colour & mono model templates, and Powerpoint file.

All you need: paper, scissors, glue or tape, and optional Velcro.

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