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Diodes are explained with our paper model!

Diodes use semiconductors to control the flow of electricity. They stop is flowing in one direction whilst allowing it to flow in the other. They are used to protect circuits when a battery is incorrectly inserted. Your students will learn how diodes work with our model.

Your class first make their paper models of a diode. They then learn how silicon, boron and phosphorus are used to create two different semiconductor layers (N-type and P-type). They will also see how the atoms are arranged into a lattice.

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Perfect for use in class or for distance learning at home!

Your students use their models to see how the junction between the P-type and N-type silicon layers acts as an insulator if the battery is the wrong way round in reverse-biased conformation.

Finally, they then see how turning round the battery allows electrons to flow through the diode so it can act as a conductor in forward biased conformation.

Includes full colour Powerpoint class presentation.

Takes about 30 minutes!

Dimensions: 33cm x 20cm / 13in x 8in

Download includes: instructions, colour and black & white templates and Powerpoint presentation.

All you need: paper, scissors and tape.

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