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Revisomatics Bundle

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Revise biology in a new way!

Our Revisomatics set will help your students review and revise biology in an engaging way. Covers all topics for the latest biology courses!

Buy once, print forever!

What are Revisomatics?

This great value bundle contains instructions and templates for the following 70 Revisomatics:

Acid Rain, Active Transport, Artificial Selection, Asexual Reproduction, Biomass, Blood & Blood Vessels, Brain, Cardiovascular Disease, Cell Differentiation, Cell Structure, Chromosomes, Classification, Climate Change, Communicable Diseases, Contraceptives, Control of Body Temperature, Control of Blood Glucose, Deforestation, Diffusion, Digestive Enzymes, Digestive System, DNA, Drugs, Ecosystems, Introduction to Enzymes, Evolution, Exchange Surfaces, Excretion, Eye, Female Reproductive System, Flowers, Food Security, Genetic Disorders, Heart & Circulation, Homeostasis, Hormones, Infertility Treatments, Kidneys, Leaves, Lungs, Male Reproductive System, Medicines, Meiosis, Microbiology, Microscopes, Mitosis, Monoclonal Antibodies, Monohybrid Inheritance, Nerves & Muscles, Nervous System, Non-Communcable Diseases, Nutrient Cycles, Nutrition, Osmosis, Photosynthesis, Plant Diseases, Plant Hormones, Population & Biodiversity, Pregnancy, Respiration, Seeds & Fruit, STDs, Stem Cells, Teeth, Thyroxine & Adrenaline, Tissues & Organs, Transport in Plants, Uses of Plant Hormones, Viruses & Vaccinations, Variation

Each Revisomatic takes about 10 minutes!

Download includes: instructions and templates.

All you need: paper and scissors.

Important Information about licencing

This download is licenced for unlimited use on a single site/campus only. If you intend to use it on more than one site/campus please email for discounted pricing.

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