Bacteria Rings Origami Organelle
Bacteria Rings Origami Organelle
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Bacteria Rings

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Wear your favourite bacteria as a paper ring or bracelet!

Bacteria come in all shapes and sizes and were one of the earliest forms of life on our planet. However, they can also cause serious disease such as cholera and anthrax.

Your class will enjoy learning about different types of bacteria - both the good and the bad - with our model.

Buy once, print forever!

First, your students make colourful rings and bracelets of 12 types of bacteria. Then they use their models to learn about them and what problems they can cause when they get in the wrong places.

The model covers bacteria that cause: anthrax, Salmonella, typhoid fever, cholera, stomach ulcers, chlamydia, pneumonia, strep throat, tuberculosis (TB) and MRSA.

It also looks at beneficial soil bacteria and oxygen-producing cyanobacteria.

Includes colourful class Powerpoint!

Takes just 30 minutes!

Dimensions: length of largest bacterium: 9cm / 3.5in

Download includes: instructions, colour & mono model templates, and Powerpoint file.

All you need: paper, scissors, tape.

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